Best Audio Software for Podcasting

Best Audio Software for Podcasting

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You need the best audio software for podcasting if you want to record and edit your own podcast. The market offers a lot of editing software options, and the long list may confuse you. Do not burden yourself too much with choosing the right Digital Audio Workstation. Think of it like shopping for new clothing — simply finding the right fit and design.

Podcast shows vary in category, format, schedule, and content. Therefore, there is no such thing as “one size fits all” in podcasting. Every show and podcaster has its own needs in terms of production.

In picking the best audio software for podcasting, you need to consider the vital features. Choose the program that brings convenience to cater to your podcasting processes. You will see a bunch of expensive tools alongside free and certainly questionable ones. Yet, the best thing you can do is spot the cheap but effective piece of software. Also, you need to remember that the tool needs to be easy to use and professional at the same time.

Below is a list of widely used recording and editing software. Some DAWs are restricted to experts only. Others are inexpensive and simple to use. Of course, the choice is yours, but have a look and choose one that best meets your specific needs.

Easy on the Wallet Audio Software


A screenshot of the Audacity website home page.

Audacity is an open-source audio recorder and editor. This audio software contains a lot of features and functionality. Basically, this is for intermediate to expert audio editors. The cool thing about this audio software is that it can facilitate cross-platform support for various operating systems — Windows, macOS, and Linux. Thus, audio editors can easily collaborate with each other despite the device differences.

Customizable Interface

It has a customizable user interface with a wide range of easy-to-use tool options. Its record and playback toolbar allow you to record an audio or voice-over.

Multiple Tracks

This audio software also saves multiple audio files from importing and editing. It has multiple audio tracks for a more streamlined editing process before saving them as one audio file.

Audio Filters and Effects

Audacity also comes with various free audio effects and filters. The first one is the noise removal feature. It can remove background noises from your audio file to improve the sound quality. Its audio effect features include compressor, normalizing effect, amplifying the impact, equalization effect, silence audio tool, and auto duck.

Price: Free

Experience Level: Intermediate to Expert

System Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux

Why do we want Audacity?

Audacity is one of the best audio software for podcasting since it contains enough functionality to cater to most people’s needs. It’s easy-to-maneuver interface offers real-time monitoring, giving users a chance to adjust recording levels. Lastly, it has many editing features for optimizing your audio files.


A screenshot of the GarageBand website home page.

GarageBand is music recording software that comes free with every Apple device. This app also allows you to learn different instruments like piano and guitar. PCMag recently named this software as their Editor’s Choice.

GarageBand, like Audacity, offers recording, remote, and smart controls. It can function as simple editing software for newbies, but you can also make use of its advanced features. For instance, Flex Time and Groove Track are two features that let you alter and improve the quality of each recording placed on every track.

However, it has no proper mixing board. Still, you can use the Arrangement window as a mixer on the left-hand side of the interface. You can make use of its horizontal sliders on each track. The Reverb Effect, EQ adjustments, and track pan from left to right in the stereo field.

Why do we want GarageBand?

GarageBand allows you to compress and master your audio tracks to boost levels. If you are looking for a more advanced version of GarageBand, you can try Logic Pro. The free version of this audio software is still a win-win in terms of the inclusions, though.

Price: Free

Experience Level: Beginners to Expert

System Compatibility: Mac, iOS


Aside from GarageBand and Logic Pro, QuickTime is another best audio editing software for podcasting on Apple devices. This software lets you record, edit, and export audio files. QuickTime is of course, best for quick edits.

With its drag-and-drop feature, this software allows you to combine multiple audio files in one go. You do not have to worry about what recording device you should use since your Mac is your podcast recording device in QuickTime.

Why do we want QuickTime?

Who does not want an easy-to-maneuver software? QuickTime is simple to use, and it is also a free option for Mac users.

Price: Free

Experience Level: Beginner to Intermediate

System Compatibility: Mac


A screenshot of the Anchor FM website home page.

Anchor is a podcast-making app rather than a podcast recording program or DAW. What is the distinction? Anchor is a podcast-limited platform so it functions as a podcast hosting platform, allowing you to record, edit, and publish your podcast from anywhere using the same app.

You can also record calls for your podcast with up to five guests using Anchor's new Record With Friends tool. Anchor is an attractive choice for hobby podcasters looking for an all-in-one tool. Businesses looking to establish a podcast for their brands will also find this to be one .of the best audio software for podcasting.

Why do we want Anchor?

A lot do not know this, but Anchor is free! And it is easy to learn. This all-in-one tool provides users with unlimited podcast hosting, which is so amazing.Price: Free Experience Level: Beginner to ExpertSystem Compatibility: Android, iOS, Web-based

Adobe Audition

A screenshot of the Adobe Audition website home page.

Adobe Audition was previously known as Cool Edit by Syntrillium Software. Now, it is a powerful, cross-platform Audio Software. It has a lot of specialized tools for mastering and mixing audio with precision.

Its non-destructive editing is best for video recordings, visuals, advertisements, corporate tasks, and podcasts. Audition requires next-level skills from audio editors or engineers, unlike Audacity, a much simpler software.

Audition is a powerful audio editor for video editing, podcasting, and audio restoration. It's expensive for what you get, so it's best used as an add-on to a video editor or as part of an existing CC subscription.

Why do we want Audition?

Audition is the best audio software for podcasting because it lets users work with a lot of audio files. Its editing tools are very useful, allowing you to stretch, overlap, split, and shuffle clips easily. It can be incredibly helpful to your workflow to have the chance to customize your work in a two-track setup.

Price: $20.99/month (base price)

Experience Level: Beginners to Expert

System Compatibility: Mac, Windows

Built for Podcasting

Hindenburg Journalist Pro

A screenshot of the Hindenburg Journalist website home page.

Another best audio software is the Hindenburg Journalist Pro. The niche of this best audio software for podcasting revolves around podcast production, interviews, and radio broadcasting. Like GarageBand, this software also has a straightforward interface.

Some of its best features include instant podcast upload to Libsyn and SoundCloud. It can also automatically set audio levels. The voice profiler feature can set the EQ on voices for a more high-quality and natural sound. Also, it has a clipboard that can store some interview clips for future use.

Why do we want Hindenburg Journalist Pro?

Hindenburg Journalist Pro has many distinct features that normal DAWs do not have. It can improve voice sound quality even from a noisy recording environment. It can also eliminate breathing, fan, and AC noises. Hindenburg Journalist Pro also comes with a remote podcasting feature.

Price: $95 Lite Version; $375 Pro Version

Experience Level: Beginners to Expert

System Compatibility: Mac, Windows

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro is both an audio and music production software. Its interface is similar to GarageBand. It allows users to upgrade and open files easily. In its settings, you can find the “Advanced Tools” feature to access the full suite of features.

You can connect this best audio software for podcasting to the Logic Remote App using your iPhone or iPad. The remote provides users with new ways to mix, control instruments, and record audio. The software itself can produce high-quality audio for Mac users. It also has a straightforward editing and composition experience alongside a massive option of plug-ins, effects, and sounds.

Logic Pro X is the best audio editor accessible for Mac users. This DAW comes with many capabilities that allow users to expand it to include a lot of plug-ins, effects, and sounds. Logic Pro X contains the tools you need to make a high-quality recording from scratch.

You may edit audio on the go using this low-latency tool. Once installed, you'll have access to dozens of plug-ins, including 1,200 sampled instruments and various effects. There are around 14,000 loops in total. Logic Pro X covers almost every audio editing and mixing necessity.

Why do we want Logic Pro X?

It is a professional-grade DAW that lets you work with your audio in a fun and creative way. Logic Pro X can fulfill the needs of a music producer, podcaster, or audio editor. Users can record high-quality audio. After recording, it also provides a complete set of tools to edit your recordings.


Experience Level: Intermediate to Expert

System Compatibility: Mac


A screenshot of the Alitu website home page.

Alitu is the next best audio software for podcasting on our list. It's a web-based application that runs on practically all operating systems. The benefit of this program is that it combines recording and editing into one package. This podcast editing software has quick editing capabilities.

Alitu offers a feature that allows you to insert your intro and outro automatically. Some editing software needs editors to stitch in their intro and outro manually every time. You only need to save it once in Alitu, and it will bring it in each time you edit an episode.

Automatic mixing and mastering of your audio files is also possible. It's like combining all the components, and voila! You will get the finished result. Podcasters can save a lot of time with this software, mainly if they perform all pre and post-production work themselves.

Why do we want Alitu?

Alitu has a clean and intuitive workspace. At first use, you can definitely say that Alitu is a simple program perfect for those who are just starting editing. It has uncomplicated tools that solo podcasters find beneficial. Alitu has a podcast host integration, free theme and effects, automated audio leveling, and free tutorials and support services for podcasters.

Price: $32/month (base price)

Experience Level: Beginner to Expert

System Compatibility: Mac, Linux, Windows


Auphonic is the best audio software for podcasting designed for those who dislike editing. You can upload your recordings since Auphonic has no recording feature. The software will evaluate and improve them with noise reduction and level audio tools.

It also renders a transcript of your recording. Auphonic can transcribe in over 80 languages and is compatible with different devices. The beneficial features of this software for podcasters are: adding metadata and chapter marks to podcasts, automatic audio ducking and unnecessary noise removal.

Why do we want Auphonic?

Auphonic has an automatic speech recognition transition feature. It can export to standard storage systems. The free edition of Auphonic allows you to upload up to two hours of audio every month.

Price: $11 each month for nine hours of audio

Experience Level: Beginner to Expert

System Compatibility: Mac

Pro Tools

A screenshot of the Avid Pro Tools website home page.

Most commercial studios use Pro Tools. It is one of the most professional software tools for recording audio. It probably has more features than you will ever need. This DAW enables audio editors to switch between studios. It also provides an opportunity for producers and audio engineers to collaborate.

When you register on the Avid website, Pro Tools is free. It also offers lessons to help novice users get started. Because of its transparent audio editing method, audio editors consider this one of the most excellent software solutions for podcast editing.

It also has excellent factory and plug sounds. It also has an Edit and Mix interface that allows users to record and edit audio. The negative is that it doesn't have a built-in pitch adjustment. It also doesn't support VST or AU plug-ins.

Remember that Pro Tools runs on a subscription model, so you must purchase the software and renew it annually. This is something to consider when you think about how much you will invest in your podcast setup.

Audio Software for Remote Recording

You might record with a co-host or a guest not in the same studio that you are in. You can still record your audio individually or use the internet to compile them. Here are our top two recommendations for you to record your audio remotely:


Riverside's strength is in guaranteeing that your sessions are always smooth and lag-free, thanks to the local recording of all participants. Gone are the days when having many individuals in the same podcast room resulted in choppy and unclear recordings.

They made all recordings at 48kHz on the customers' devices, ensuring excellent sound quality with audio. You can download the final podcast to your computer right away since you can upload each user's voice to the cloud in real-time.

Why do we want Riverside?

With, you can invite guests, mute participants, and take control of your podcast as the host. Riverside's iOS app allows you to record podcasts on the run, so you'll be ready to go when inspiration hits. You'll have all of your inquiries answered quickly and directly, thanks to the site's FAQ articles and chat feature.

Price: Free (base price)

Experience Level: Beginner to Intermediate

System Compatibility: Mac, iOS, Android, Windows


Zoom has a free plan to get started with. Using this software will save you from experiencing a lot of technical hurdles. So, if you are just beginning and want something free, Zoom is a superb choice.

Essential Tips for Recording Great Audio

Regardless of how advanced your audio software is, you need to match it with excellent skills and practice. With this combination, you can achieve a high-quality sound for your podcast. Remember that listeners would always want to listen to coherent sounds and voices free from any noise.Here are some additional ways how to improve your podcast audio quality:

  1. Choose sound equipment that suits your needs and fits your budget.
  2. Choose an environment that is as quiet and soundproof as possible.
  3. Use acoustic treatment to avoid echos.
  4. Practice a good mic technique to ensure consistent recording levels.
  5. Use a pop filter to prevent plosives.
  6. Check the headphone levels before pressing the record button.
  7. Cut out unwanted audio from the recording.
  8. Normalize your tracks to make your audio sit at the same relative level.
  9. Use EQ on your voice for sound enhancements and to remove harsh sounds.

The secret to having excellent audio

Most podcasters think that the secret to producing the best podcast show lies in spending thousands of dollars on the best audio software for podcasting. But the real secret to having a hit podcast is patience and a willingness to learn new techniques and tools.

You may also need to seek help from experts in the field. If you do not know how to open your mind to new information, your show’s chance of becoming a hit is slim.

You do not have to beat yourself up to know the best audio software to use. If you do not want to worry about the tech side of podcasting, someone can do it quickly and efficiently for you. You just need to pay a little to take some of the load off your back. Podcast production companies like Podkick have a team of podcasting efforts that will take over the job for you. Contact us now for a quote!

Best Audio Software for Podcasting

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