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Successful Business Podcasts, Is Weekly or Monthly Better?

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Timing is everything. Especially in unpredictable times like today. With your business podcasts, your timing in producing your podcast will make or break the audience’s experience.

The business podcasting industry is much like Aesop’s “The Tortoise and the Hare.” Here is a quick reminder if you do not remember the story from Kindergarten: the tortoise wins the race.

Business podcasts posted weekly are much like the tortoise in the scope of podcasting: slow and steady wins the race. However, monthly business podcasts have the same fate as the hare: sporadic and getting behind. Don’t be the hare.

There are many positive factors of weekly podcasts that outweigh monthly podcasts. Becoming aware of how to win the race in the business podcasting industry is essential: slow and steady.


Here are 5 reasons why it is better for you to produce your weekly podcasts versus monthly:

  1. Be On-Top or Flop
  2. Unruly vs Routine
  3. Supply and Demand…Of Your Audience

On-Top or Flop

What does it mean to be on top? There are several definitions of what it means to be on-top. In the business podcasting world, being on-top simply means to know.

Knowing recent updates in your industry, the newest trends and knowing how to make your podcast unique in the changing times. Without being on-top of the unpredictable changes, there is the sad risk of podfading. If you are unaware, be sure to check out the latest blog post on “Preventing Podfade: 5 Steps to Recover Your Podcast Purpose or Know When to Give Up.”

Weekly podcasters are on-top of information by receiving new updates, being in the moment, receiving instant feedback from the audience, and each podcast can easily pertain to a recent event that happened within that week.

This keeps the podcast new and fresh, only reeling in a larger audience. However, with monthly business podcasts, they are bound to be a big flop.

The news media changes daily, therefore, by not staying in the loop on the newest events, monthly podcasters are old news. Audiences are drawn to business podcasts with the latest and newest information.

Unruly vs Routine

Today’s times are inconsistent and unruly. The news, business approaches, and the finance market are ever-changing. Your audience’s routine is right there with the inconsistency of today’s time.

Business podcasts that post monthly are sporadic and unruly. Listeners need consistency and new updates. With posting once a month, these listeners will refer to another podcast to fit their routine. Weekly podcasters fit this mold.

Posting a weekly podcast provides routine to not only the business, but for the listener as well. When it comes to the listener, they will always choose what will be best for their daily life: routine over unruly and sporadic.

Supply and Demand

Supply and demand of your audience is simple: more podcasts means more listeners. Producing your podcast weekly meets the need from your audience. Being fresh on the feed is admirable to your audience.

With weekly podcasts, you can apply feedback from your listeners each week, giving you insight in what direction to take to satisfy your listeners’ needs. Waiting months in supplying your podcast delays an instantaneous and responsive audience.

Weekly podcasts provide instant gratification to audiences’ desire for education over monthly podcasts. The idea is simple, increase your supply of podcasts in order to gain listeners and improve their experience.

These 3 reasons in producing your business podcast weekly versus monthly will exponentially enhance your listener’s experience with your podcast. At Podkick, our team helps build and set goals to help produce great podcast quality by taking the tortoise approach: slow and steady wins the race. Learn more about how we can help grow and build your podcast here.

Business podcasts with the mindset of the hare are bound to lose the interest of their audience, which will heighten the risk of podfading. In order to avoid this route, be the tortoise by taking each week at a time to win the race of a devoted audience.

Successful Business Podcasts, Is Weekly or Monthly Better?

Mary Achurra

Content Markteter