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Guest Post Guidelines

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The Podkick blog aims to provide businesses and entrepreneurs with industry-leading information and advice on podcasting at the next level. We publish regularly and are eager to partner with businesses and individuals who have expertise to share within their niches online.

We are serious about providing quality content, so we only accept guest contributions that add real value to the audience. This means that we love guest posts that are not only written in fluent American English, but are also well-researched and referenced, and provide actionable steps for readers to take so that they can grow their shows and businesses.

The ideal guest post for our blog is about 2,000 words long and full of impactful information on the topic. Most of our readers are established businesses either seeking to start their own podcasts or to grow existing shows. We want our readers to take away new ideas from each article and be motivated to take immediate action on the points presented.

Guest Article Checklist

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Here’s a checklist of points to improve your chances of being featured on the Podkick blog and getting ranked well on search engines:

  • We only accept original content that has never been used on other publications and is unique to the Podkick blog.
  • Read a few of our published posts to understand the voice that our audience is used to.
  • We encourage guests to submit three post ideas for approval. This helps us to plan properly for maximum impact. Please feel free to review all currently published content and consult with our content team at to discuss complementary content ideas.
  • Along with each post idea you propose, include the key search term that you will use to optimize your post. Note that the keyword must be relevant to the Podkick audience. If you need help with this, reach out to our content team before writing the article.
  • Include at least 3 links to relevant, informative articles in the body of your article. These sources can be from the Podkick blog or from other reliable and reputable sites. Note that we do not accept links from low-traffic sites and competitors of the services that we provide.
  • Link all brand names to their respective websites.
  • Proof your article at least once before sending it over to our content team. This helps us to get your article published faster.


We reserve the right to edit and format guest articles before publishing them to keep them in line with Podkick standards.

We cannot guarantee that everyone who reaches out will get to post on the Podkick blog. If you are willing to work with us to create a valuable piece of content, your chances of being featured on our blog are better.

We schedule and publish posts based on when they come in and how the topic fits into our content calendar. Let our content team know if there’s a specific date that you’d like your post to be published and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Guest Post Guidelines

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