How to Promote Your Online Course Through Podcasting | Top 5 Tips

How to Promote Your Online Course Through Podcasting | Top 5 Tips

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Podcasting is a great way to promote your online course.

It’s an excellent way to reach people who are already interested in your topic, and it’s easy to set up.

In this article, we'll talk about why its a good idea to promote your online course through podcasting, how to get started, and some tips on leveraging it for your own business.

Podcasting Online Course: Why Is It A Thing?

I'm sure you've heard of podcasts, but do you know how they work?

Podcasts are basically like radio shows, only instead of being broadcast on the radio, they're online.

Podcasts are most commonly used for interviews and discussions with experts in various fields. It's a great way to learn about new things, and it helps the listener because they don't have to slog through the same old content they've heard repeatedly.

Most podcasts have a host who guides the discussion, but sometimes there's no host. That's called an "unscripted podcast," It can be really interesting because there isn't an agenda or bias involved. You just get to hear what people have to say!

People love listening to podcasts while driving or working out – so if yours is available as one, then all potential customers will hear about your course without even trying!

Why Is Using Podcast For Your Online Course A Good Idea?

promote your online course through podcasting

Podcasts are a great way to keep you connected with your audience and help you build a strong brand. They're also a great way to share information that is not easily accessible elsewhere. Here are some of the main reasons why using podcasts for your online course is a good idea:

1. It's easy to use. If you've ever used YouTube or other video platforms, you know how difficult it can be to upload and publish content if you don't have much experience in video editing and production. With podcasts, you only need an audio recording device and software to edit your recording (like GarageBand). You don't need fancy equipment - just an iPhone will do!

2. It's cheap! Compared to other forms of media, podcasts are almost free! You only need a few minutes of time (which can be done at night when everyone else has gone to sleep), and then the rest is up to your creativity and imagination!

3. There are no limits on how many times someone can listen or watch something on social media platforms like YouTube or Facebook Live (as long as they have an internet connection). But with podcasts

Podcasts are also easier on the ears than other forms of audio content because they aren't limited by bandwidth constraints like radio, or TV shows might be; this means that all kinds of sounds can be included in podcasts that wouldn't necessarily be possible with other media (for example ambient music or sound effects).

How To Get Started With Podcasting Online Course

So, you've decided to promote your online course through podcasting. Great! But how do you get started?

You're in luck because I've got some tips for getting started with this new marketing technique.

Choose A Topic For Your Podcast

Choose a topic for your podcast that is relevant to your business but also something people will want to listen to. For example, if you're selling a product related to cooking, then maybe you could have a cooking podcast where you share recipes and talk about ingredients and flavors. Or if you're selling insurance, maybe have a podcast where you talk about different insurance policies available on the market today, along with their benefits and drawbacks, so people can choose wisely when making their purchase decision.

Decide on Your Format

When doing a podcast for your online course, deciding on your format is important. Do you want it recorded live? Do you want it edited? Do you want to record multiple takes and then edit them together?

There are pros and cons to each option. Recording live means there won't be any mistakes or edits, but getting the right sound levels might take a while. Editing can allow you to correct mistakes and make sure everyone is heard clearly, but it will take longer than recording live. And if you record multiple takes and then edit them together, you'll have more control over the final product—but there's still room for error!

The best way to decide what would work best for your course is by looking at the topic of the podcasts and thinking about how formal or informal they need to be. For example: if someone is talking about their experience in an online course, they might sound more natural when speaking without edits than if they were reading from a script; however, if someone were reading from a script (such as an introduction), it might make sense to have them read from an already-edited version so that there isn't any confusion.

Choose The Right Topic

The topic of your podcast should be relevant to your audience and will help them achieve their goals. Make sure it's something that interests you so that it comes across as authentic and genuine.

Create Consistent Content

Not every platform is right for every type of content or audience—and there are plenty of options! 

Decide what you want to talk about. Do you have a lot of expertise in one particular area? That's great! You can focus on that and create a show that will be helpful to people who want to learn more about that subject. Or maybe you have a lot of different interests and want to talk about them all in one show. If that's the case, go for it! You can always return to one topic later if you find it more popular than others.

Stay Committed

Think about how much time you want to commit each week or month. Once again—it depends on how much time you have available and how much energy you have at the moment (and don't forget that your listeners are probably busy, too!). If you're excited about your show and feel it'll be worth the effort, go for it! 

The Bottomline

If you think podcasting is just a cool way to share your voice with the world, think again.

You can do so much more than that. With podcasting, you have the ability to reach a whole new audience for your online courses and even sell those courses directly through your podcast!

Look no further if you're ready to promote your online course through podcasting. We have everything you need in one place. Reach out to Podkick today!

How to Promote Your Online Course Through Podcasting | Top 5 Tips

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