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Podcast Editing Services to Try in 2024

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Podcast editing services take the hassle out of running the show. Managing all the small moving parts of running a podcast can be painful. You are already responsible for making sure that you have excellent recording equipment. And you need to maintain that equipment so that it stays in good working condition. Then you need to do the actual recordings. If you bring on guests, then you need to spend a bunch of time reaching out to people and inviting them to come on the show. That will easily take 5 hours a week for a 20- to 30-minute show.

After that comes stitching, mixing, and mastering the audio before uploading it. Editing a podcast is no easy feat, so that can easily take another 2 hours per episode. If you’re using free podcast editing software, you won’t get the best results. Then you need to create the titles, show notes, time codes, and transcriptions for each episode. You’ll need a few more hours to get that done. Then there’s the content strategy for how you release episodes to increase your viewership. That can be another few hours every week, depending on how serious you are about marketing your podcast. Oh, and do you already have cover art, an intro, and outro, and a list of podcast directories to submit to? Add another 5-10 hours for all of that, including the actual directory submission.

If you are a podcaster who stresses over the details, then you should look into at least one of the podcast editing services below. Then you can just send over your recordings and get back nicely polished episodes that are ready for delivery to your audience. They might even do all the other stuff for you!

Podcast Editing Services

Pricing and service inclusions vary for different podcast editing services. Before you go through the list, take a minute to jot down what you need help with. This will help you stay focused as you look through the information.

Note that free podcast editors have limitations. For instance, you can use audacity for podcasting, but you won’t come out with truly professional audio quality. Plus, you can only get the best possible results if you are a seasoned audacity user. To become an expert at this free podcast editing software, plan to spend at least a few hours a day for up to a month tinkering around and watching YouTube videos.


PodKick podcast production services home page.

PodKick is a full-service podcast production company that helps companies primarily in the finance, legal, and business industries to start or grow their podcasts. PodKick believes that podcasts have the potential to deepen customer relationships more effectively than any other method. Podcasts are also the perfect channel for intelligent content distribution.

Podcast editing services available through PodKick include everything from equipment suggestions to the final touches on episodes and marketing campaigns. They can take care of your guest management, audio editing, show notes, resource lists, directory distribution, audience and text analytics, and automated transcription. They customize their services according to your needs, so you can book a free consultation to see what fits your budget.

The company focuses on providing you with polished episodes from start to finish. PodKick helps you get booked on other popular shows and finds the right guests to invite to come on your show. Then they execute professionally edited audio for you. This includes not only the usual intros and outros but commercials and music, too. Their services also include wide distribution to popular directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, and Stitcher. Your listeners can tune in on smart devices as well.

Every episode you submit comes out with show notes. This is not just a list of timestamps but includes a summary, useful related links, and additional resources that add value to the user experience. You also get episode transcripts and text analysis, since PodKick uses machine learning technology.

Not all podcast editing services provide deep analytics like PodKick does. You’ll get reports that help you understand audience socio graphics. This goes beyond demographic and geographic characteristics and into psychological variables. It allows you to look into the ideas and values that define them personally and socially. This gives you valuable insight that you can use to capture more of your ideal targets and serve them at a higher level. You’ll also get data on listener engagement, of course, and help in setting benchmarks for growth.

We Edit Podcasts

This company “empowers podcasters to do great things.” They are also proud to be one of the few female-founded podcast editing services. We Edit Podcasts helps both new and established podcast hosts to produce high-quality episodes.

They offer basic form audio editing services, advanced multi-track compilations, basic and advanced multi-cam video editing, show notes writing and dialogue transcription, blog post writing, marketing services, a launch strategy, and even equipment suggestions.

Podcast editing rates for this company start at $70 for a trial episode with no contract requirements and a guarantee of a 48-hour turnaround time. It includes episode editing for only up to 60 minutes. You can add notes or transcription for $40, or get the bundle for $150. You can also schedule a call with them to see if this company is a good fit. If you’re ready to sign on, packages start at around $349 per month if you don’t need a custom package that’s tailored to your needs. Ask them about their other monthly plans. Note that they host through Buzzsprout on the unlimited package.

Podcast Press (Barevalue)

Barevalue podcast production services home page.

Every new user starts here with a $40 credit, but you should expect a 4-day turnaround time. You can pay more to expedite your episode, though. You can also submit multiple one-hour audio tracks at a time and get succeeding hours done on consecutive days.

This service charges by the audio minute with a charge of $0.79 for editing and $1.00 for editing with show notes. They also offer outsourced audio editing for consistent, polished, high-quality sound. This is also on the same pay-as-you-go billing method. They can handle tracks for clubhouse, Facebook live, twitter spaces, YouTube, and racket.

This is a one-stop-shop for podcasters who want to keep things simple.

Lower Street

Lower Street can help you with podcast strategy, then take care of your content and promotion needs. They understand great podcasts need an investment of thought plus added flexibility. This podcast company that knows how much it means to keep your potential customers company. You need to show them you’re human and interesting so that you can share value and teach them.

This company can offer guidance on how to record decent episodes on top of the basic audio editing and show notes creation. They can also advise you on how to get more customers through your podcast. You can turn episodes into stories and develop a signature sound. They focus on getting episodes produced on time and within your time zone so you don’t need to make adjustments for meetings.

Podcast FastTrack

As the name suggests, this is one of the podcast editing services that focuses on quick turnaround. They do all the usual tasks mentioned above, from audio editing services to show notes and cover art to episode uploads. They also offer custom music creation, voiceover talent, and launch plans.

This service starts at $150 on average per episode for audio editing and sound optimization. It’s $310 per episode if you want them to do show notes and blog posting for you, too. This includes the usual back-end tasks like scheduling and uploading. Both packages come with customized publication frequency. You can also hire them for show notes creation and blog posting alone, which is $170 per episode. They guarantee posts over 600 words that are “designed to make readers into listeners.”

To top it all off, this company even offers courses for podcasters who want to do some of the work on their own. If you need a custom quote to see what you want them to do for you, schedule a free strategy call. You can also ask about their free demo episode edit.

Castos Productions

Castos podcast production services home page.

The PodcastMotor team became part of Castos Productions in early 2020. Now the platform can offer you built-in production options. Castos has audio engineers available on staff to take care of the most time-consuming parts of episode production for you. These seasoned professionals can take over editing your audio, drafting show notes, optimizing content, and creating full episode transcripts.

Audio editing packages start at $75 per episode for complete audio editing and mixing up to four tracks. Custom editing is $300 per episode for all the standard stuff plus advanced sound design for segments, sound effects, embedding ads, and a dedicated account manager.

Castos can put their talented show note writers and marketers to work on your show for $125 per episode. This includes quote cards and standard podcast images. Double that and you get double the standard plus an audiogram. Turnaround time here is 3-5 days on average, depending on the package you choose. It might be a bit more if you add on transcription or video editing.


Podigy offers about the same range of podcast editing services like show note creation and episode uploading. They have more experience than most services and also offer a full money-back guarantee. They also offer free podcasting guides and a lifetime-access 15-video podcasting course.

This company knows that the many small details involved can matter a lot in terms of podcast success. They focus on sound quality and optimization for increased downloads on a global scale. Like the team at PodKick, one outstanding factor is that they have actual podcasting experience. They know the ups and downs and ins and outs of building a podcast up from scratch and keeping it ranking high on the top distribution channels. They also help with repurposing content so you can be where your audience is.

Podcast editing rates here start at $165 per episode for interview audio editing services with individual track processing and intros, outros, and ads inserted. For $215, you get show notes, SEO, and uploading added on. For a complete package that includes hosting setup, a trailer video, artwork, etc., you’re looking at $1,999. Packages go all the way up to $11,999 for pre-production consultation, a dedicated producer, a comprehensive social media branding campaign, and individual episode customizations.

Pro Podcast Solutions

Pro Podcast Solutions was launched in 2008 to help podcasters cope with the technical aspects of episode creation. On top of their podcast launch specialists, this company has two project managers, a graphic artist, eight audio editors, two show notes writers, a transcriptionist, and fourteen voiceover artists to help make your podcast great.

Their starter package for $77 per episode includes basic audio cleanup, mixing, intro/outro, and ad integration plus ID3 tagging and uploading with a dedicated account manager and audio editor. Turnaround is three days. Double that and you get show notes and a dedicated writer or deeper audio cleanup and enhancements plus a spot on the priority production list. For $217 per episode, you get all of this. Audiograms, image packs, custom artwork, audio clip creation consulting, and RSS work all come at an additional cost.

Book a discovery call to learn more about their launch packages, which start at $1,997 per month.

A podcast production services keyboard.

Final Thoughts

Did you know that we currently have over 1.7 million published podcasts on the internet? And did you know that there are about 108 million active podcast listeners per month? How many of these listeners can you capture and turn into loyal followers and customers? That depends on quality content. And a lot of that is presentation.

You can do some research and see that half of these live podcasts never reach the 2000 download mark. That leaves you in competition with just under a million other podcast hosts — if you partner with the right podcast editing services to produce quality content. Professional podcast editing services will help you stand out in a sea of podcasters. You can bet that the current top 50 podcasts on iTunes all have dedicated production teams. And you want to be on that top 50 list.

Creating and maintaining your own show doesn’t have to be complicated. But it is time-consuming. The editing work, whether audio or video, is often the most tedious part. Because it takes skill and effort, this is the part that makes most aspiring podcasters quit before they’ve even begun. Don’t kill your dreams before you’ve even given them a fair shot. Hire the right podcast editing services and you will have a partner to turn your talent and expertise into an award-winning and purchase-driving endeavor.

Podcast Editing Services to Try in 2024

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