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What Podcasting Company is Right for Me?

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Do you already work with a podcasting company? Or are you new to the podcasting scene? Maybe you’re a veteran podcast host who now finds it difficult to handle production all by yourself? Whatever reason you might have right now, hiring a podcasting company to support you is a positive step. This is especially true if you have plans to scale your podcast production in the near future.

Looking for the right podcasting company to help you can be overwhelming. Today, there are a lot of companies to choose from and there are many factors to consider before you find the right one.

In this article, we walk you through everything you need to know about choosing a podcasting company. We want you to be sure that you consider all you need to make a sound decision.

The first step to finding the right podcasting company

Before searching for a podcasting company to work with, you must answer these questions:

  • How well do you know your podcast?
  • What are the current struggles with your podcast?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses as a host?
  • What services do you currently need?
  • In what category does your podcast belong?
  • How would you categorize your company in terms of size and audience base?

After scanning the internal status of your podcast, you can start looking for the podcast company that fits your needs.

Finding the right podcast company to partner with

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Now that you know what you need, here is another set of questions you should ask yourself while searching for a podcast company:

  • How much experience do they have in podcast production?
  • What brands have they worked with? Are these clients satisfied with the company’s performance?
  • How well does this podcasting company collaborate and communicate with clients?
  • How can they help me improve my podcast branding and marketing?
  • Are their packages fluid enough to support my podcast as it widens its audience base?
  • Do they offer tailor-made services?
  • Is their pricing budget-friendly?

After considering the above-mentioned questions, there’s another challenge to overcome. Recently, Neal Schaffer said that the podcasting industry is growing faster than any other media. In their statistics, there were 850,000 active podcasts recorded in 2021. This growth phenomenon also causes many podcasting production companies to pop out like mushrooms to cater to this growing demand. This means that you need to sort through many podcasting companies to find your best match.

There are a lot of podcasting production companies out there claiming to be the best in the industry. Thus, finding the right podcasting company can be quite confusing. To help you sort through the options, we listed some podcasting companies here. You will find information about the services they offer, their unique propositions, and their packages and pricing.

Comparative Podcast Company List

Sweet Fish Media

A screenshot of the Sweet Fish Media website home page.

About this Podcasting Company:

Sweet Fish Media operates with the help of its three core values: love people well, never stop learning, and own the result. These principles dictate how they treat people within and outside of the organization.

Unique Proposition:

They believe relationships are the backbone of their podcast company. Thus, their major goal is to foster meaningful relationships in everything they do.

Pricing and Services:

Sweet Fish Media categorizes its services into three plans:

  • Sweet
  • Sweeter
  • Sweetest
Sweet – Podcast Production Package

Here is what you can get:

  • Podcast launch help
  • Audio editing
  • Headlines and show notes
  • Episode graphics
  • Publishing and syndication
  • Quarterly podcast review
  • Dedicated producer

This package starts at $3,000 per month. However, pricing may depend on the frequency of released episodes and the type of content.

Sweeter – Podcast Production and Content Marketing

This package includes all the services in the Sweet subscription, plus it can provide your episodes with:

  • Blog Posts
  • LinkedIn Posts
  • LinkedIn Carousel
  • Micro video
  • YouTube video
  • Guest booking
  • Content marketing coaching

This package starts at $5,000 per month. However, pricing may depend on the frequency of released episodes and the type of content.

Sweeter – Podcast Production, Content Marketing, and Thought Leadership

This package includes all the services in the Sweet subscription plus:

  • Thought leadership marketing coaching
  • Booking thought leaders as guests
  • Podcast tour for your host
  • Thought leadership content development
  • Lead magnets and email sequence building

This package starts at $20,000 per month. Sweet Fish Media is about to launch this package soon.

  1. Lower Street
A screenshot of the Lower Street website home page.

About this Podcasting Company:

Lower Street is a full-service podcast company run by Harry Morton. The company caters to companies of different sizes and in different industries. They aim to serve as a bridge between brands and their users through a podcast show.

Unique Proposition:

This audio production company values constant learning, which paves the way for their continuous improvement. Lower Street promises its clients fresh, unique, and valuable content to entice listenership. They believe that their passion and their team of ambitious creatives combined sets them apart from their rivals.

Pricing and Services:

Lower Street’s services include:

Podcast Launch Service

With its podcast launch service, Lower Street helps its clients properly launch their shows. This is best for podcasters who are just starting out in the field. This service will help to improve branding.

The whole subscription costs $7,000 monthly, which includes:

  • Host training
  • Show concept and strategy
  • Branding specifically artwork, design, music, and sonic identity
  • Microphone training and recommendations
  • Podcast host setup
  • Trailer episode
  • Audience growth strategic plan
  • Unlimited email support
Narrative Production

Lower Street’s narrative production process will turn boring shows into binge-worthy ones. This service involves planning and research, starting with storyboard writing going all the way to production cycle tracking. Specifically, this is how this service works:

  • Understanding target audience behavior
  • Concept creation for your shows
  • Host prospecting
  • Season outline curation
  • Researching and planning each episode
  • Interview prep
  • Recording
  • Audio transcription
  • Scriptwriting
  • Audio editing
  • Music and sound design
  • Show notes writing

The cost of this service depends on the number of episodes produced and other variables. However, expect a 5-figure price with this type of service.

Podcast Editing

This service will provide you with high-quality episodes. Remember that editing an episode demands a lot of time and effort. Thus, this service will help you from script to earbud. Lower Street wants its clients to have a tidy and polished experience with each episode they handle. Here are the following perks you can enjoy by subscribing to this type of service:

  • Pre-production (research and planning)
  • Recording
  • Post-production (music, sound effects, and mp3 file ready for distribution)
  • Distribution (show notes, media host upload, website, and social media management)

Lower Street’s podcast editing is a quote-based service.

Private Podcasting

Private podcasting offers businesses another way of internal communication. Indeed, teams within companies can engage through emails, webinars, intranet, or third-party channels. However, when the said means do not seem to be effective anymore, Lower Street suggests private podcasting, especially with organizations in a remote working setup.

This service provides:

  • Concept and format for the private podcast
  • Production, including recording
  • A secure method of delivering the audio to your team
Podcast Show Notes

Having show notes will make your podcast more visible to your audience. It is a vital factor for your show’s success. Lower Street believes that by having show notes, you can grow your audience and garner podcast ROI.

Podcast Promotion

Lower Street has a streamlined system for promoting its clients’ podcasts. They believe that paid social campaigns are not the best option to grow your audience. It only can provide a short-term spike in the number of downloads. Here is how they do the promotion:

  • Multi-channel approach with their team of writers, content marketers, and advertisement specialists
  • Managing tailor-made podcast marketing campaigns
  • Provides growth consultancy

Resonate Recordings

A screenshot of the Resonate Recordings website home page.

About this Podcasting Company:

Resonate Recordings is a comprehensive podcast editing service and production platform established in 2014. Their podcast company headquarters is in Derby City-Louisville, Kentucky. Resonate Recordings handles podcast shows such as Flame Bearers, Honda Stories, The Code Sandbox Podcast, Twitter, and #BuildingCharacters.

This podcast production company dedicates itself to creating quality content for their clients through utilizing innovative technology.

Unique proposition:

The company has experience in broadcast television, film, radio, and music production. They already produced over 2,500 podcasts with the help of their producers, writers, audio engineers, podcast launch experts, and software developers. As of today, they already handled clients from Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, influencers, and a lot more.

Services and Pricing:

Podcast Producer Services

This service includes outlining, writing, editing, and facilitating the whole pre-production of your show. You do not have to do your pre-production all by yourself. Resonate Recordings will assist you with your content creation so that you can avoid running out of ideas for the succeeding episodes. They will also take charge of the writing and editing for each episode.

Here is what you get from subscribing to this service:

  • All-in-one podcast management web app
  • Remote Recorder
  • Audio Production Services
  • Video Production Services
  • Podcast Launch Services
  • Podcast Marketing Services
  • Podcast Hosting
  • Podcast analytics
  • Creative collaboration to land on sound decisions
  • Creative consulting for podcast audience engagement
  • Show launching support
Podcast Launch Services

With this service, you will get support for all areas, from choosing equipment to developing marketing strategies. Resonate Recordings’ technical, creative, and branding professionals go hand in hand to provide you with an interesting and powerful podcast launch.

Here are the various packages that this service offers:

Basic Launch Package
  • Onboarding
  • Podcast music
  • Podcast directory setup
  • 3-hour podcast consultation
  • Voiceover
  • Custom Artwork

The whole basic launch package costs $1,999.

Advanced Launch Package
  • Onboarding
  • Custom podcast music
  • Podcast directory setup
  • 5-hour podcast consultation
  • Voiceover
  • Custom Artwork
  • Audio trailer episode
  • Video trailer episode

This package costs $3,499.

Custom Launch Package
  • Onboarding
  • Custom podcast music
  • Custom podcast directory setup
  • 5-hour podcast consultation
  • Voiceover
  • Custom Artwork
  • Audio trailer episode
  • Video trailer episode

This package costs $5,799.

Podcast Production Services

In terms of podcast production services, Resonate Recordings offers solutions to make your podcast sound as professional as possible. This includes mixing, editing, and mastering each of your episodes.

Here are the different levels of subscription with podcast production services:

Standard – $59/ episode
  • Organize
  • Mix
  • Master
Premium – $139/ episode
  • Audio edit
  • Mix
  • Master
Enhanced – $199/ episode
  • Audio edit
  • Music beds
  • Light sound design
Enterprise- $349 and up
  • Dedicated account rep
  • Dedicated production teams
  • Direct chat
  • Multiple rounds of revision
  • Customized equipment recommendations
  • Priority turnaround

With this service, you only pay for what you need. There are no contracts and monthly production fees.

Video Podcast Production

Another way of expanding your podcast listener base is through video podcasts. Resonate Recordings can repurpose your recordings to make them distributable on YouTube. They believe that by doing so, you can reach two billion more people across the globe.

Another benefit you can get from this service is the comments from the audience that can serve as feedback. It will give you an idea of what your strengths and weaknesses are. You will also have access to YouTube Studio Analytics. You can leverage this data to see whether your content entices your listeners.

Improvement of remote recordings includes:

  • Background customization
  • Color grading and color correction
  • Background distraction removal
  • Animated pop-ups
  • Transitions
  • Inclusion of host and guest names

There are two pricing options you can choose from: basic and advanced.

Basic – $199/episode
  • Video Editing up to 10 spots
  • Audio Mixing
  • Intro/Outro bumper creation (5 seconds max, does not include licensed music)
  • Thumbnail creation for YouTube
  • Basic animation
  • Editing on footage up to 1 camera view
  • Up to 5 animations, lower thirds, or transitions
  • Max quality of 1080p
Advanced – $299/episode
  • Video Editing (unlimited edits with timestamps)
  • Audio Mixing
  • Intro/Outro bumper creation (5 seconds max, does not include licensed music)
  • Thumbnail creation for YouTube
  • Basic animation
  • Editing on footage up to 3 camera views
  • Up to 15 animations, lower thirds, or transitions
  • Max 4k Quality
  • Additional customized motion graphics (additional cost)

However, you can also give the responsibility of setting up a new YouTube channel to Resonate Recordings. For $399, their team will be in charge of:

  • Keyword research
  • Setting up channel art and links
  • Preparing channel for future uploads

To further improve your video recordings, you can also choose from the following add-ons:

  • Video subtitles – $2/min
  • Burnt-in captions – $2/min
  • Video revisions – $4.16/month add on
Marketing Services
  • Basic Show Notes – $50
  • Advanced Show Notes – $50
  • Transcription – $1.50/minute
  • Audiogram – $50
  • Videogram – $50
  • Social Card – $25

Resonate Recordings offers all the mentioned services with their Enterprise Package. This package fits well for podcasters who are ready to take podcasting to the next level.


A screenshot of the Lemonpie website home page.

About this Podcasting Company:

Another full-service podcasting company added to the list is Lemonpie. The team started working with podcasters Tim Ferriss and Jason Calacanis. Soon as they saw significant growth and results with their craft, they established the name “Lemonpie”. This podcasting company is best for entrepreneurs and founders.

Unique Proposition:

Lemonpie believes that their strategy curation process sets them apart from the competition. Their goal is to deliver value to their clients’ listeners. They are also proud to say that they can produce quality output quickly. Lemonpie promises its clients a friendly and fun team of professionals. With a podcasting company like this one, your podcast shall have its voice heard by your audience.

Pricing and Services:

Lemonpie will help you with:

  • Positioning to reach more target audience
  • Targeting the right listener-base
  • Training your speakers on best practices
  • Establishing strong podcast relations, especially with the host
  • Planning the interview for better audience impact
  • Tracking publishing
  • Strategic planning
  • Having an open line of communication with the team

Their services are priced individually based on custom quotes.

Speak On Podcasts

A screenshot of the Speak On Podcasts website home page.

About this Podcasting Company:

Speak On Podcasts is a podcast company specializing in podcast booking for brands and individuals. Composing the company is a team of expert marketers, consultants, booking agents, and project managers from across different countries. Their services are best for authors, entrepreneurs, and podcast hosts.

Unique Proposition:

Whatever happens, the company will prioritize people. This includes their team and their clients. They will go the extra mile to turn their promises into reality. With teamwork and continuous learning, Speak On Podcasts believes they can maintain a sound relationship with their clients.

Services and Pricing:

The company holds a one-hour meeting every four weeks. After the meeting, the Speak On Podcast guarantees you:

  • 20 podcast bookings in 6 months
  • Bespoke strategy and research
  • Custom-made bio page profile
  • Fully managed outreach
  • Podcast booking manager
  • Access to SoP Coaching

In terms of the pricing, you can pay $10,500 in one go or opt for a 3x staggered payment of $4,000.

Pacific Content

A screenshot of the Pacific Content website home page.

About this Podcasting Company:

Pacific Content is proud to provide services to various world’s biggest brands. Their brand partnerships include Adobe, Atlassian, Audible, Ford, Facebook, BMW, and a lot more. This company is best for start-ups and growing businesses desiring to establish their brands.

Unique Proposition:

Their team members’ distinct skills, talents, and backgrounds brought them together to serve one purpose. That is to bring brands to like. Most of the people composing their team are experts in areas such as podcast production, marketing, distribution, sound design, and strategy. Through their services, their clients consistently appear on top of the Apple Podcast charts.

Services and Pricing:

Pacific Content offers three major services for their clients:

  • Podcast development, production, and distribution
  • Podcast and audio brand strategy
  • Audience development

Like other podcasting companies, their pricing quote depends on the needs of their respective clients.

Motion Agency

A screenshot of the Motion Agency website home page.

About this Podcasting Company:

The Motion Agency is a full-service podcast company that is best for technology companies. It is the home of notable podcasts like Rep Your Brand by Nick Bennett, Content Logistics, and Recorded Content.

Unique Proposition:

This podcasting company will help you launch and grow your shows through their B2B podcast course. This course offers to launch, produce, manage, and distribute your podcast. For $849, you can already unlock the entire course and avail of their one-hour consultation.

Services and Pricing:

Motion categorizes its service packages into three levels namely:

Creator – $1,995 per month
  • 1 edited podcast
  • 1 edited video podcast
  • 1 brief episode video
  • 4 social images (any size)
  • 4 social media posts
  • 1 show notes
  • 1 full-length transcript
Pioneer – $3,650 per month
  • 2 edited podcasts
  • 2 edited video podcasts
  • 2 brief episode videos
  • 8 social images (any size)
  • 8 social media posts
  • 2 show notes
  • 2 full-length transcripts
Hero – $5,450 per month
  • 4 edited podcasts
  • 4 edited video podcasts
  • 4 brief episode videos
  • 16 social images (any size)
  • 16 social media posts
  • 4 show notes
  • 4 full-length transcripts

The good thing is that regardless of which package you choose, it comes with additional support for your show. You will get access to weekly consulting, podcast hosting, recording platform, project management, graphic design, and file management.

Each of your episodes will also get:

  • A distribution-ready full audio format
  • Full episode in mp4 format
  • Clips of episode highlights
  • Best quotes images
  • Comprehensive show notes
  • Transcripts
  • Social posts

The Motion Agency takes the hassle out of podcasting. They believe that launching a podcast should not be a struggle. Hence, they only deliver what is best for their clients to reach success.


A screenshot of the Podkick website home page.

About this Podcasting Company:

Podkick is a full-service podcasting company specializing in podcast editing and marketing. After having a spike of 1,000,000 downloads from an audio project for the Summer Olympics, their team established Podkick. Now, they offer services that are fit but not limited to SMB and enterprise business.

Unique Proposition:

What sets Podkick apart from its rivals is its 6-D’s of Podcasting principle. They ensure that all processes done with their clients should start from “defining” its core audience. This is to know how to “develop” and nurture the listeners to forge lasting relationships with them.  

They promise to establish the best strategy for their clients to “disrupt” and gain authority with the category they respectively belong to. For the podcast to “discover” new audiences, Podkick aims to “distribute” your show to all podcast directories available.

Services and Pricing:

Podkick offers the following services:

  • Audio Editing
  • Notes and Resources
  • Distribution
  • Deep Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Guest Management

To know more about pricing for their customized services, schedule a free consultation with Podkick.

The Right One For You

Finding the right podcasting company that meets your needs is hard. There are a lot of podcasting companies claiming that they have the best services. It can be overwhelming to sort through and filter the best of the best. Before you decide to hire a podcasting company, remember the following key points:

  • Know first your show and what it needs
  • Find a company that can amplify your strengths and address your weaknesses
  • Beware of hidden and incremental charges
  • Make sure that they offer tailor-made services
  • Research on the podcasts they handle
  • Prioritize open communication and collaboration

Remember to not completely rely on which company gets the most popular votes in the industry. Popularity in choosing a podcast company does not precede suitability. The right podcasting company for you is the one that can provide growth for your show. Go for the one you think can efficiently deliver what your podcast needs.

What Podcasting Company is Right for Me?

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