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Why Outsource to a Podcast Editing Service?

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Consider outsourcing to a podcast editing service. Doing all your podcast episodes’ pre- and post-production processes by yourself is difficult. It can be time-consuming, too. This leaves you with little time left over to tend to other relevant tasks. If you want to have better and consistent quality with your episodes, then you need a podcast editing service at your side.

We think the benefits mentioned above are enough of an argument. But of course, there are many other reasons you should seek help with editing your podcast episodes. If you want to know more about it, then you have come to the right place. We will walk you through 10 reasons to outsource to a podcast editing service.

1. High quality and professionalism

There are good and bad effects of doing podcast editing yourself. If you decide to do it, be sure to equip yourself with proper knowledge and skills. Lack of editing training and experience to back you up may lead to low-quality podcast audio and video.

You don’t want to serve your audience with episodes that are full of unnecessary noises, right? If you are still hesitant to seek help from professional podcast editors, hear us out.

You can outsource to a podcast editing service to improve podcast quality. It boosts perceived professionalism, too! Podcast editors are great at removing background noises. Unnecessary words and phrases can make the host or guest speaker sound less professional. This can immediately bring down the perceived quality of your show. Experienced editors can eliminate filler expressions like “Umm,” “you know,” and other irrelevant words. This cleans up every episode so that it sounds polished and professional.

Podcast editing services can also help you boost the quality of your show in other ways. One common addition they make is inserting interesting intros and outros into each content segment. Of course, they master the audio of each of these segments to even out the quality. This makes each segment blend seamlessly and sound like a unified whole.

2. Save time, money, and effort

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You can release new episodes at different times. Hosts in different show categories often publish new episodes at different intervals. Your upload frequency may also depend on listeners’ demand. You can avoid bottlenecks that may cause your audience to wait. Work on 3 to 5 episodes ahead of your set deadlines. Remember that even an expert editor allows three hours on average to edit an hour-long episode.

Try to imagine editing all these podcast episodes all by yourself. It will surely eat up a lot of your time. Other processes, such as guest management, content planning, and expansion of listenership, might suffer, too. You don’t want to use up all your time and leave these tasks unattended.  

Remember that you are also using your own computer and software and electricity when editing a podcast. This drives up your operating and maintenance expenses. First off, you will spend more on electricity and have to purchase professional editing software. That is, if you want high-quality episodes. Second, running your machine all day long on heavy software will quicken its deterioration. With that additional expense and drain on your time, it’s probably wiser to hire a podcast editing service.

However, if you are eager to take on the challenge of podcast editing, you need to make time to learn this skill set. This may cause a delay in episode publication, so take that into consideration as well. You may have to adjust your scheduled podcast launch date. You may also have to set aside most or all of your leisure-time activities. If you don’t want to sacrifice your time, then outsourcing to a podcast editing service is the best option.

3. Access to proper tools

You can’t completely avoid flaws in your show audio and video. Yet, with proper tools such as the best editing software, you can produce much better episodes. Of course, you also need to make sure that the raw recording is high quality. When you use Zoom to hold and record interviews, for example, you can get better audio quality. That is, as long as you and your guest are both using quality microphones and cameras.

On the editing side, you can find a plethora of free podcast editing software on the internet. However, most of the time, these software programs only let you access the most basic features and tools. One such program is the editing software GarageBand.

But a time will comes when you feel pressure to produce better quality episodes. At that point, this free podcast editing software will fail to meet your needs. Outsourcing to a podcast editing service will give you access to much better tools without any hassle. Depending on the agency that you choose, you can get access to top-quality tools and services for less. All you need to do is ask them exactly what they offer and compare that to the price that they are offering you. It’s worth your while to do in-depth research on this upfront. It will really pay off later if you are serious about building and growing a podcast over the next several years.

4. Additional services and tailor-made support

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Look for a podcast editing service that offers more than just audio editing. Some can provide you the benefit of show notes writing for better SEO performance, for example. These companies can also source the best voice-over talent, curate interesting jingle productions, and manage your episode transcriptions.

Some podcast service providers also have expertise in guest management. They can find the right guest for you to bring on for a particular episode topic. They can also make appointments for you, follow up on needed information, and manage the general line-up of guests for each of your upcoming episodes. Often, a good podcast editing service can also edit your videos for use on other platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook.

5. Attract more listeners

Indeed, professional podcast editors have an ear for perfection. They can hear what an average person cannot. They can detect errors and other annoying noises and eliminate them from the audio instantly. This makes your episodes more attractive, even when listeners can’t really say why!

Since people are very visual, artful show and episode graphics can entice listeners to click play. Then they experience high-quality audio and video. Finally, with your high-quality content, how could anyone decide not to come back for more? In fact, in our experience, we have seen listeners binge-watch whatever episodes are available. Then they will subscribe so they won’t miss future releases. Quality really does have that big of an impact on viewership. So, it’s better to outsource to a podcast editing service. You can grow your audience faster and that makes the investment worthwhile.

6. Get support from experts

Another benefit of outsourcing to a podcast editing service is all the support that you will get from audio and video experts. You do not have to fret about problems that will arise in audio quality, technical glitches, file compatibility, conversion quality, and many other issues. The professionals are well-versed in all the different nuances of podcast production. They know right away what to do in each of these common situations. Even when faced with unfamiliar problems, they can find solutions faster than you could because of their much greater experience.

Remember that they have the skills and expertise to back you up. They will always be there to provide you with the help you desire. Just be sure to communicate everything that you have in mind. The proper flow of information and regular collaboration make the best teams and the best output.

7. Grow your podcast

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How is your analytics going? Is your number of listeners slowly decreasing? If so, then you need to seek the aid of professionals. Outsourcing to a podcast editing service will serve as a vehicle for your podcast to keep going. They know how to help you grow your podcast and stop it from plateauing or crashing like so many other podcasts do.

Expert podcast editing service providers can revive your podcast’s flatlining growth. By producing better quality podcast episodes, comprehensive show notes and summaries, and employing other strategies, you will attract new audiences and build loyalty with them. Also, they will help you to grab opportunities to regain lost listeners.

This level of help will also allow you to regain the time that you need to focus on other vital tasks. One of these tasks is leveling up your marketing efforts for your podcast.

8. Tailored podcast services

Podcast services don’t end at audio editing. Your show is not merely an mp3 file. Outsourcing to a podcast editing service will give you access to personalized services. Experts will provide everything on the technical side plus distribution, promotion, and production according to your preference and needs.

For instance, they will take care of your web visibility by curating and optimizing your content. Aside from the podcast itself, the written content is very significant. It will dictate your visibility in the virtual space when someone searches for you on the Internet or for the type of content you offer. Hence, the best podcast editing service provider has in-house writing experts. Also, they know how to improve your SEO. Trust that they will help you get on the first page of the search results — and even up to the top three!

9. Connected episode content

It can be pretty tricky and dangerous even when you do not have a plan for podcasting. Podcast editing service providers ensure that every piece is in place from start to finish. When we say everything, it means all the elements of the show, both on and off mic.

A good podcast editor can sew every episode together. They will make sure that the previous episodes and the next ones have an innate coherence. Also, they will evaluate the overall content to make sure that it genuinely makes sense from the first episode until the end.

10. Marketing help

Not everyone is familiar with how to market their offerings to people. Worry not because the best perk of outsourcing to a podcast editing service is this: You do not have to add advertising and promotion to your list of tasks. Let the experts take over!

Most podcast editing services will not be able to go this far with you. You can, however, find a few who can, or hire a separate service that specializes in marketing. Whatever you choose, just remember that the most important part of your decision is how well the service suits your needs and preferences.

3 Best Software Programs for Podcast Editing

A podcast producer studio with a microphone and recording software.

If you still want to try and do the editing yourself, then that’s okay. However, we want you to avoid the pitfalls of choosing the wrong podcast editing software.

The main thing you should consider when selecting the perfect podcast editing software is your skillset. Examine the things that you currently know about editing a podcast. What is your skill level? You do not want to subscribe to editing software with complex features you can’t fully use or that you will have to spend more time learning. In the end, you will just be paying for tools and features that do not serve your purpose well.

Are you excited about launching your new show? Find out what best fits your recording and editing needs! We made a list below of the best podcast editing software.

  1. Audacity

Audacity is one of the free podcast editing software tools. It is also cross-platform software and an open-source digital audio workstation. Thus, Audacity can operate on MacOS, Linux, and Windows processors. This is beneficial for people collaborating on one editing task on different operating systems.

Audacity has no unlocked features for recording and editing. You can edit out unnecessary noises and filler words from the audio. You can add music, intros, outros, and ads, or other sound effects to specific episodes.

You do not have to bother with understanding how to manipulate this editing software. There are tons of online tutorials on the Internet to back you up. Audacity is best for those editors who are just starting.

Before you choose to delve deeper into the editing space and use your money on plans and subscriptions, you can try this tool to hone your skills.

  1. GarageBand

Another free podcast editor is GarageBand. GarageBand is Apple’s fully equipped music and audio studio. You can find a built-in library of lessons on “How to edit podcasts in GarageBand’ and sounds included in the software. Apple released this editing software in 2004.

Apple users have GarageBand pre-installed on their devices. Even though this software is free, it offers a lot of advantages. One of these is its user-friendly interface. Also, you can use the Quick Help button to understand the function of sections — just hover over them with your cursor.

Aside from the noise editor feature, you can tweak and morph audio. You can edit out different aspects of the mp3, such as the pitch and tempo. However, this application works only on Apple devices.

  1. Adobe Audition

If you want to take podcast editing to the next level, then maybe Adobe Audition is for you. It has an excellent, advanced ability to reduce unnecessary sound and noises. Also, Adobe Audition is great with audio track restoration and compression.

Through its batch-processing capabilities, you can edit a lot of episodes in one go. It applies the same effects all throughout the episodes, making your work seamless. This is best for when you are preparing a bunch of episodes in advance because it helps you maintain the same quality over different episodes. Bulk editing also saves you a lot of time and effort.

However, because of its top-notch features, this software is not free. This software’s yearly rates are currently at $239.99, or you can pay $20.99 per month. We recommend this software for podcast editors with intermediate-level skills.

Key Takeaways

Podcast editing is not effortless. If you want to outsource to experts who will provide you with a quality podcast editing service, this is a great idea. However, if you desire to take on new challenges and edit your episodes on your own, you can totally do that. We just want you to keep the following key points in mind about outsourcing to a podcast editing service:

  • Higher quality output, faster
  • Save time, effort, and money
  • Professional sound and look
  • Experienced strategies for greater exposure

Remember that being new in this industry is not an excuse for releasing podcasts with lousy audio, bad segment transitions, and overall poor quality. Launch a quality podcast from the start and you will gain a quality audience.

Why Outsource to a Podcast Editing Service?

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